You Can Easily Gain These Awarenesses

Couples Can Easily Gain These Awarenesses

The quickest, simplest, and most comprehensive way to gain self-awareness of your and your partner’s inner world is from the Inner Enneagram and the Spiritual Enneagram system. This is a simple and easily learned system that enables you to make profound sense of your inner world, and for every person that you know. You, your partner, your children, your parents and siblings, your friends, you boss and co-worker – even everyone you meet!

In the sessions working with couples partners discovered the inner forces in their personality that were directly affecting their relationship. And their personal lives. The findings were so consistent and helpful, this is is what led to the Inner Enneagram.

It also became clear that those of the same Enneagram personality type also shared the exact same specific inherent gifts and pure talents in their personality. This revelation and body of knowledge generated the Spiritual Enneagram.

Gaining this dimension of inner awareness was an intimate experience for partners. As a result, partners were able to better understand, attune to, and increasingly live from their individual pure essential nature at the core of their being.

Lastly, with these newfound awarenesses couples discovered that they now processed differences, tensions and issues in a completely different way than before. This led to a completely new orientation, with new frameworks and tools, for safely resolving conflict in the relationship.

Couples found that they could readily gain these new awarenesses and learn these new communication skills, conflict resolution tools, and intimacy skills that uniquely emerged from this orientation. These are what provided partners the skills necessary to sustain the harmony and deepen the intimacy and connection together.

“My wife and I have seen our fair share of counselors, but after our first session with Chris, it was our first time leaving a session feeling like we just had our first date. Chris’ strategies provided us with the insight to begin to understand each other, as well as ourselves. Chris provides us with the tools to diffuse situations allowing us to work together as opposed to working against one another.

Chris is our marriage coach/trainer/doctor that we plan to continue to see to assist us along our way. We believe in Chris so much that we gift his services to several of our married friends.” – Dr. Mike Davis, DPT

Fortunately, couples discovered that it does not take long to develop these awarenesses and skills in coaching sessions. This is a short term process. So the process does need to cost an arm and a leg. They can also gain these awarenesses in reading the Conscious Person book series.

The reason you can quickly gain these new awarenesses because you are benefiting from the increased personal awareness gained by all of the couples of your type who have gone before you. The map of their findings is all laid out for you.

This is from an email by someone who purchased the book series:

“You are amazing, and your work is more than remarkable. I’ve closely read and studied more than a dozen Enneagram books over the years, and none of them comes close to yours. I finally feel “all the pieces coming together” as I read your work. I think you don’t realize how much of a treasure this is for humanity.” – Matthew

In working with couples the Inner Enneagram revealed Six Dynamics that were found to fundamentally affect each partner’s inner personal world and their relationship’s success. Let’s review each of these:

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