A New Orientation of Self-Awareness & Conscious Couples Skills

Based on the Discoveries of the “Inner Enneagram” & the “Spiritual Enneagram”


As a couples therapist, I started teaching and using the popular Personality Enneagram with couples in the 1980’s. As each of the partners opened up in the sessions, however, a more relevant paradigm emerged of central inner dynamics that have been unrecognized.


It became clear that persons of same Enneagram personality type consistently had the same specific inherent gifts as their essential nature. And they had the same exact core ego needs — what each needed in order to thrive in the relationship.


They also had the same sensitivities and insecurities deep inside in what triggered them that created conflicts. And people of the same type had the same pattern of inner pressures and specific imbalances affecting their relationships that they typically were unaware of in their personality.


As a result of these discoveries, this new framework of self-awareness I call the Inner Enneagram. Couples found that this made all the difference in their relationship as it enabled them to make sense of each partner’s world. And respond to what really matters to each other.


They were also able to successfully use it with each of their children, family members, friends, bosses and co-workers.


You are invited to explore on this site these new dynamics in the Inner Enneagram — and see how these awarenesses can affect the harmony, intimacy, and fulfillment in your relationship together.


You are also welcome to call me to talk about how this might be helpful for you. Or engage in a coaching telephone or Skype session to experience the difference. If you are local to the Washington, DC area, you can arrange for a counseling appointment.


Finally, the books here on this site describe these inner dynamics of a Conscious Relationship. You can purchase them here or download free samples.


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